It’s Commission Time!





I’m opening commissions for the very first time!! I’m offering sketches for US$10 and full colour drawings for US$25!

Heeere’s the rules:

  • I don’t feel comfortable making money off of copyrighted stuff but I’m more than happy to draw your original creations!
  • This time round I’m offering one character per commission
  • I won’t do anything that’s NSFW or excessively violent, I also won’t accept any commission that’s bigoted or hateful
  • If you’d like me to draw something of yours, please give me as many references as you can, maybe even tell me a little about their personality!
  • I can only accept PayPal, sorry!
  • I’ll start work on your commission as soon as I receive payment! I can’t imagine it will take more than a week to be finished, but I’ll keep you posted in the very unlikely event of delays!

If you’d like to order a commission send me an email at with the subject “Commission” and let me know what you’d like me to draw as well as how you’d like me to draw it (along with any other info as laid out above) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


This is my first attempt at commissions so I’d like to keep things small, so I’ll open up five slots for now (if there’s a lot of demand I’ll certainly open up more though):






Thank you so much for reading, and even if you can’t commission me, signal boosts are greatly appreciated!!